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Who are NWAAA?

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North Wales Advice and Advocacy Association have been providing advocacy services in North Wales since 1997

Our Statement of Purpose:

“To promote and provide advice and advocacy for people facing disadvantage through dis-ability, illness, age or social exclusion, who live, in particular but not exclusively, in North Wales”.

We are a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee Reg Charity No: 1060826 | Company No: 3308387


NWAAA want to make sure that everyone can access our services If someone needs an advocate but doesn’t speak Welsh or English we will do our best to find a translator. We will work with the person to find the right translator.

The Details

Nwaaa started out in the Bryn y Neuadd long stay hospital supporting people with learning difficulties to resettle into community living. Since then we have taken on lots of new and different advocacy work across the counties of North Wales.

Nwaaa also take on spot purchase and bespoke work when there is a need. For example we regularly provide Advocacy Services to individuals who live in North Wales but are ‘out of county’. In these cases the Placing Authority will buy in our service for a short period of time.We also take on consultation and engagement activity on behalf of public sector organisations, these are often spot purchased.

Enabling People to Overcome Problems

Nwaaa passionately believes in enabling people to overcome problems and make informed choices that will improve their lives. We aim to work with people before a situation becomes a crisis, and we aim to work in a way that supports independence and participation. This is called empowerment.

Nwaaa values diversity and difference and will work hard with or on behalf a person who believes they are being excluded or disadvantaged because of who they are. This means we fight for equal opportunities and human rights.

We use our experience of working with our clients to let services know about things they could do differently, this is called working for social change and social justice.We are always looking for ways to improve what we do. We think about what could be done better and try out new ideas. This is called critical and reflective practice.

Trained to a High Standard in Independent Advocacy

All of our Advocacy Officers have or are doing the National Advocacy Qualification. This means we are all trained to a high standard in Independent Advocacy. If you are interested in how our organisation works and would like to help us develop, you could become a Board Member! Just get in touch with us either using our contact us page or by writing to the address below.