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Gwynedd & Anglesey Advocacy Service

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In Gwynedd and Anglesey we provide an Independent Professional Advocacy service, or IPA. This means that any adult who has social care needs can use our service. This service is part of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act

Who can we work with?

  • older people
  • people who are disabled
  • carers
  • people with mental health issues living in the community
  • people who have long term illnesses
  • People with a learning difficulty
  • people who are unable to instruct an Advocate themselves
  • people who are vulnerable for other reasons
  • parents who are involved with Children and Family Services
  • parents who are involved with Children and Family Services

We can work with any adult who has social care needs whether or not those needs are being met. You can phone us, or email us for more information or want to find out if we can work with you.

When can we work with someone?

The advocacy service is there to support people who are finding it difficult to have their voices heard or face a barrier to being part of their:

  • care assessments
  • care planning
  • care reviews
  • safeguarding process

When to engage IPA

Lots of different choices, changes and decisions affect people’s care arrangements. There are lots of barriers that could make it difficult for a person to be in control of their life, or be part of making decisions. It could be that a person finds it difficult to understand information, or that a person is not getting a chance to say what they want.

What can Advocacy do to help?

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Advocates can support a person to understand information and options so that the person can make choices that are good for them.

Advocates can support people to make sure that the choices they make are heard by others and respected by others

Advocates can tell people about their rights and entitlements

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Advocates can go to meeting with a person to help them take part. Or go to a meeting instead of a person if they cannot go themselves

Advocates can stand up for the rights and entitlements of people who do not have capacity to take part themselves

Anyone can make a referral to our service.

If you need an advocate, you can get in touch with us yourself. If someone you care about needs an advocate, you can get in touch with us. Or a professional can make a referral to our service. Follow this link to make a referral on-line. Or phone us, so we can talk it through with you on 01248670852 At NWAAA we always make sure the person who needs an Advocate knows that the referral is being made to us.

Extra Information

An Advocate works directly with the person who needs support. The person tells the Advocate how they want to be supported and what outcomes they want. The Advocacy Service is free if the person meets the criteria set out on this page. NWAAA also support Self-Advocacy Groups in Gwynedd and Anglesey for people with learning difficulties. Find out more about Self-Advocacy Groups here.

If you feel someone needs a referral, please phone us to discuss 01248 670852