Denbighshire Self Advocacy

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Self-Advocacy is when a group of people who have something in common work together to make change happen.

  • People work together to speak up about problems that affect lots of other people.
  • People work together to make services better for everyone.
  • Here is a story about a self-advocacy group and the work they did.

Can you be a Self-Advocate?

  • Do you like sharing ideas?
  • Do you like helping others?
  • Do you like working as a team?
  • Do you care about rights?
  • Do you want to learn new skills?

Self-Advocacy Story

How the Groups Work

NWAAA supports groups to get set up. We help group leaders get ready for meetings. We help group members think about what needs to change and help plan how to make change happen. You can get in touch with NWAAA to ask about joining a group, or setting a new group up in Denbighshire.

  • The people who go to groups are called members.
  • The members have a vote to decide who will be the group leaders.
  • The members are in charge of what work the group do.
  • NWAAA support members to work together so they can make change happen.
  • NWAAA support group leaders to meet up with other groups and organisations. They talk about the work of the group, join in with big events and talk to services about the changes they want.

Groups in Denbighshire are growing! To see what they have been up to click on the News link. To see what is happening soon, click on the Events link.

If you feel someone needs a referral, please phone us to discuss 01248 670852

NWAAA, 14a Llys Onnen, Parc Menai, Bangor, LL57 4DF

01248 670852

Friends of NWAAA

**Note that there is no drop-in facility at the office**

Find out what we do

Nwaaa passionately believes in enabling people to overcome problems and make informed choices that will improve their lives. We aim to work with people before a situation becomes a crisis, and we aim to work in a way that supports independence and participation. This is called empowerment.

Nwaaa values diversity and difference and will work hard with or on behalf a person who be-lieves they are being excluded or disadvantaged because of who they are. This means we fight for equal opportu-nities and human rights.