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Paid Relevant Person’s Representative

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What is a Paid Relevant Persons Representative?

Everyone who has a standard Deprivation of Liberty Safeguard authorisation must have a representative to ensure any conditions are being met; inform the person of their rights and how to exercise those rights.

If there is no unpaid person who can take on this role the Local Authority appoint a Paid Person’s Representative from NWAAA. Our Paid Representatives are independent from the care home or hospital as well as the Local Authority and Supervisory Body. We are free to the person who is deprived of their liberty.

What is their role ?

  • To visit the person deprived of their liberty on a regular basis,
  • To assist the person to understand their DoLS authorisation and how it affects them,
  • As far as possible, assist the person to exercise their rights should they wish to do so,
  • Ensure any conditions attached to the authorisation are met.
  • Ask for a review of the authorisation
  • Challenge the authorisation through local means or through the Court of Protection.

If you feel someone needs a referral, please phone us to discuss 01248 670852